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iPhone and iCloud Support

Apple has its software with hardware products like iPhone, iMac etc. Apple software like iTunes and iCloud are the most famous software of Apple because of their functionality. Apple has made their software so that they can be used properly and fully. Like Apple iTunes is used for Apple iPhone and iPad. As these products can be used by a non-Mac user also. So iTunes is made suitable to be used with the Windows Operating system also. Windows Operating system can also be used to store media files in into your Apple iPod.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is software for media management. It is used to transfer data between your computer to your Apple products like iPad,iPhone etc. It can be downloaded and used in Windows operating system and in Macintosh. This software was released in 2001. Apple also added paid features for this platform also. As it is well known to everyone that to download and use songs can get you in piracy trouble. In case you want to have a song then you can buy that from iTunes store and can enjoy it.

What is iCloud?

Apple iCloud is a free service just like Google drive. iCloud can be used to store documents, media files, photos and many more things in it. In case you have two devices and both are linked to your iCloud account then changes to one device can also be pushed to another device. That means if you edit your address book or calendar, bookmark something on your Safari browser then that will be shown to all of your devices.
To use this service you have to use your Apple ID. You only have to log in to your iCloud with your Apple ID in all devices of your once. After doing this your all devices will be synced automatically if any change occurs in them by you. If any change occurs then other devices will get updated. With every iCloud account, you will also get a free email address which has the format like This email id is free to use and optional to users.
Icloud can also be used to take Backup of your device and restore the backup in case you need it. Backup can be done manually and automatically. In automatically function your system should be connected to wifi and in charging mode. After getting the appropriate condition like above iCloud will take backup by itself.
Sometimes iCloud and iTunes can cause the problem to users. The problem to sign in to your account, the problem in restore setting is the most common problem which comes with these services. Some more problems are given below:-
1. Connection problem to iCloud
2. Data is Not Syncing
3. iCloud Signin not responding
4. Authentication Error
5. Verification Failed Error

Apple iCloud Customer Service

These are some common problems in Apple software. For these problems, you can rely on Apple iCloud Customer Service. You need to dial 0800-000-0000. Just tell them your Apple ID and your problem. They will resolve your problem in just some minutes. Your name, issues and other details will be kept private and not shared to anyone.

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