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Let's talk about Apple hardware products. Apple has basically hardware products which are iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, Mac Pro and Macbook. These are products of Apple company which are running right now and represent Apple in the hardware section. Apple brand value was estimated at 170$ Billion in the year 2017. It ranked 1st in comparison of Brand Value. Its most close competitor is Google has the brand value of 100$ Billion.

What is "i" in iPhone, iPod,iPad and iMac?

It is a question to many peoples that what is i in Apple products. So basically in the year 1998, Steve Jobs explained what is the meaning of i while launching iMac in the market. i means Internet in Apple. Steve also attach that i with the individual, instruct, inform and inspire.

How to maximise battery performance?

If you are using Apple products then you surely want that your product battery will work fine and you have to charge less often. For this, you have to follow some basic steps which are usable for every other smartphone and laptop companies.
1. Don't use your Apple product at a high temperature. Apple products are designed to withstand high temperature but this high temperature affects the battery capacity permanently. And if you try to charge your device in that condition then it will be harmful to your battery life. In short, never charge your Apple products at high temperature and also use them less in that situations. If you are having Apple products don't leave your device into hot environments. Avoid direct sun exposure for too much time.
2. View battery usage and information to track what software or app is using your battery too much.
3. Always keep your products updated. Updates of products are launched to make the device perform better. So always keep your device updated.
4. Enable low power mode in your iPhone and an iMac. By using low power mode you will able to use your products too long if your battery gets low.
5. Keep your iPhone and iMac half charged when you have to store them for a long time. If you store them when they are fully charged or not charged at all it will damage battery performance.

In fact, Apple 90% revenue is generated from its smartphone. Finally in case you have the problem in using your iPhone or iMac then you can contact Apple iPhone Support. Problems related to battery, display or device performance are addressed. You can take support by dialling directly on Apple Care or by emailing. Apple products with warranty or no warranty are given preference equally.

Apple iPhone and iPad Support

In case you got the problem in your iPhone or iPad then dial Apple iPhone Support. Broken Screen, iPhone X related Warranty support related queries are addressed.

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