The Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulation

When most people think of spray foam insulation, they probably refer to the product when sprayed into a wall to insulate it from the outside temperature. The product is most often used in the construction industry for this purpose, but spray foam products can be found at retail locations. Spray Foam Insulation Utah can be either polyisocyanurate or isocyanurate foam, depending on the chemical makeup of the product and the way it has been created.

Spray foam insulation is an insulation product made from two chemicals, isocyanurate and polysulfate, that react when combined and swell up to thirty sixty times their normal liquid volume when it’s sprayed into an area. These types of insulating agents have been around for about forty years and are well known for their extraordinary abilities to resist damage, flame, hot, extreme temperature fluctuations, electricity, and many other types of contaminants. It is usually packaged in canisters that contain thousands of tiny nozzles at different levels of its expanded size. When these nozzles are released during spray foam insulation projects, the spray forms tiny airtight air barriers that seal against moisture and air infiltration.

Because of its unique properties, spray foam insulation is not affected by the atmospheric conditions outside. It is completely safe for use in any area, whether it’s dry or wet. However, because of the unique properties of the ingredients, there are certain factors that may affect the proper use of this type of insulation. For instance, closed-cell spray foam cannot absorb infrared (that’s what heat actually is) and neither can polyolsulfates. In order to successfully seal the space between the cells of the foam, it’s necessary to use a foam that has been specifically formulated to both prevent and treat air leaks. This is especially important in sprayed-on ceiling insulation because air leaks present a huge problem when trying to seal the gaps between the cells.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation can be used on the attic, ceilings, basements, and walls to protect and insulate against the elements. You can also use it to improve the energy efficiency of your home. It works by sealing off the attic space while at the same time permitting airflow. As such, this type of insulating material will actually allow warm air trapped below it to escape while cold air is prevented from entering it. In simple terms, it will keep your attic from becoming uncomfortably warm or cold.

Because of the way it works, this foam is also able to prevent energy cost. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is designed to quickly dissipate any heat flow air leakage that occurs through its tiny air leak channels. The end result is instant and complete energy savings. This is because it effectively seals off the attic space while at the same time preventing heat transfer.

Another benefit to using closed-cell spray foam insulation is its ability to easily meet the needs of any climate. It can work in both cold and hot weather climates. Even in the middle of summer, this material can provide significant savings in heating costs. This is because it has the ability to insulate not only the attic space but the spaces beneath it as well. In fact, if you are worried about the possibility of moisture rising into your roof space, you should be happy to know that it can easily solve this problem. This is because the spray foam insulation will not allow moisture to seep into its structure.

Perhaps the best feature about this type of spray foam insulation is that it provides almost complete control over air infiltration. If you have problems with air infiltration, you should not hesitate to contact a professional. Otherwise, if you wish to keep your heating bills down this winter and prevent your home from becoming uncomfortably warm or cold, you should definitely invest in this type of insulation. If you are able to properly insulate your walls and attic, you can expect to save up to 15% on your energy bill every year.

Finally, spray foam insulation is often used as a barrier between the exterior of a building and the inside. Much like a brick wall, it works to effectively seal off cold and hot areas. If you choose a dark color, you may find that the insulation serves a dual purpose. Not only does it act as a barrier, but it also acts as insulation. It can be used for this purpose in areas where traditional insulation is not often used.