Colorado Springs: Radon Mitigation Information


When you need to know more about radon mitigation, the Colorado Springs, CO area is a great place to start. Many homes in this area are likely to have some level of radon gas.

Radon is a well-known problem with various chemical pollutants and some gases like methane, carbon monoxide, and butane. The only way that you can protect your family is to test for radon before it is too late. There are numerous ways to test for radon.

You may want to do your own testing devices or there are many kits available for home use. There are many schools that provide testing kits as well, and the same information can be found at some local government agencies.

There are also non-traditional methods for measuring radon. Most people think that you can use an ionic liquid analyzer or handheld liquid-measuring device. These are only going to be good for certain gases, but not for radon.

In areas where it is hot, young children may have a hard time breathing because of the dry air. Air fresheners, however, work well and they won’t affect your child’s respiratory system in any way. Air purifiers are probably your best bet, but if your house is near a school you will probably be fine, and a house purifier is not really necessary if you live in a fairly clean house.

Radon can be extremely dangerous if breathed in for long periods of time. The EPA recommends that everyone should test for radon every two years. The best way to do this is to bring in a sample of your carpet, which can be tested for as well.

Using a fume hood in your home to dehumidify your air can help reduce the amount of radon that is breathed in. If you choose to use a fume hood and you have high ceilings, you may need to install some sort of guard rail over the ceiling to prevent your family from getting radon poisoning.

There are many things that you can do to make sure that you are taking all of the steps that are necessary to protect your family from radon mitigation. You can always hire Radon Mitigation Colorado Springs, but many people feel that the cost is prohibitive. One of the most affordable options that you may want to consider is to do some simple radon testing on your own.