Why Crawl Space Insulation Will Benefit You

Crawl space insulation presents an array of benefits to both builders and home buyers. This type of insulating service is often referred to as “crawl space conditioning.” If you haven’t been keeping up with your crawl space insulation, it’s about time you get on board. It can mean huge energy savings over the course of your lifetime.

crawl space insulation

First, remember that most heating sources in a home are comprised of some combination of heat energy, air, and cooling air. In addition to heating, many homes use air conditioning as a source of cooling. A home that doesn’t have one installed could be costing you money by not allowing adequate cooling air to flow through your home’s vents that should be used for this purpose. That translates into increased energy costs over time.

Second, crawl space insulation reduces heat loss from your crawl space. When your crawl space is well insulated, you can reduce your heating costs by as much as 25 percent! There are no two areas in a house where you can afford to cut back on your current heating budget. Even if you have just one uninsulated crawl space, you’re still looking at an increase in your energy bills.

Third, by insulating your crawl space you can improve the ventilation in your home. The more air you have flowing through your home, the better the flow of fresh air, and the less likely you are to develop mold or other allergens. Cracks and leaky ducts are just a couple of the air quality problems associated with uninsulated crawl spaces. These problems, if not repaired, can lead to respiratory issues, allergy attacks, and sometimes even an asthma attack that are serious enough to warrant life-saving measures.

Fourth, proper crawl space insulation keeps your home cooler. During the summer months, the heat is usually very hot and the humidity is high. During the winter months, the heat is often very cold and the humidity is low.

Uninsulated crawl spaces (often referred to as simply “crawl spaces”) aren’t a problem at all times – it’s during the spring and summer months that the temperature really drops. However, it’s during the fall and winter months that the ground tends to freeze and there’s really nothing you can do about it. During this time, you need to seal up your crawl space. This will help keep your home warmer and more comfortable year-round. You won’t have to worry about drafts and freezing ceilings and walls all winter long.

One other benefit of properly insulated crawl spaces is that they will help reduce noise infiltration. All too often, people build homes without insulation and wonder why, when they’re shoveling snow, their neighbors’ houses continue to echo with traffic. When you properly insulate the crawl space, you won’t have that problem. Space will remain cooler and therefore quieter. This will allow you to enjoy your home more and sleep better at night.

Finally, your crawl space will benefit from a more energy-efficient home. There are tons of ways this can happen. For example, your heating and cooling costs will decrease because your heating and cooling accounts will be balanced out by less energy being used in the home. Your water and electric bills will also go down because your pipes will be sealed and your electricity and water lines will not freeze. If you take some time to check out your crawl space insulation and make sure that it has been installed correctly, then you’ll find a lot of benefits and money saved in the future.